Is ‘New Atheism’ a Religious, or Faith-Based Movement?

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)


The pejorative accusation that ‘New Atheism’ is a religious, or faith-based movement is frequently made by ‘Classical Atheists’ and, ironically, by religious apologists [1] – those who fail to fathom the fallacies, cognitive errors, misconceptions and misrepresentations that beleaguer such a charge.  Firstly, what is ‘New Atheism’? And secondly, if we accept the premise that ‘New Atheism’ exists beyond vague, pejorative and discursive processes, in what possible way could one support the claim that it is somehow religious, or faith-based?

The religious attributes discursively ascribed to ‘New Atheism’ are in the same league as the militarism attributed to it – that is to say, it has become in vogue to label ‘New Atheists’ as being militaristic and religious about their lack of belief in gods and the supernatural – a lack of belief that is commonly misrepresented as a positive belief in the non-existence of the aforementioned supernatural phenomena. …

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