Input devices made with bactericidal copper

Germaphobes rejoice!

Multi-user keyboards and mice are used throughout the day collecting bacteria*. Data input devices made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper can help kill harmful bacteria*.

Mouse/Keyboards made with CuVerro® Bactericidal Copper

Professor Tom Elliot, a Consultant Microbiologist and Deputy Medical Director at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Selly Oak Hospital.

The study concluded that, when tested, items made from copper had up to 95 per cent fewer micro-organisms on them, compared with the same items made out of standard materials such as stainless steel.

VeroMetal® coated mouse

VeroMetal® is a metallizing process that seamlessly applies cold sprayable or puttyable metal to almost any surface.

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Media coverage of Obama’s Africa visit spoke to different sides of the US-Africa-China triangle

Originally posted on Quartz:

When Air Force One landed in Nairobi last week, a local television broadcaster almost burst into tears watching the US presidential plane cruise down the tarmac. “I can’t believe it, history is being made as we watch,” she said. In China, meanwhile, the tabloid Global Times ran a cartoon of Barack Obama dressed in tribal wear, and state news agency Xinhua accused the US president of performing a “kinship political show.”

People's Daily

And while Kenya’s main newspaper, the Daily Nation, spent most of the president’s visit debating where he spent the night and interviewing his relatives in Kenya, the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, ran an editorial (at the bottom left of the front page pictured here) at the conclusion of Obama’s trip saying “America should drop the jealousy and do its part in Africa.”

Welcome Obama

The very different media treatment applied to Obama’s visit illustrates two extreme…

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One Way to Recharge Alkaline Batteries

Originally posted on Hackaday:

It says it right on the side of every alkaline battery – do not attempt to recharge. By which of course the manufacturer means don’t try to force electrons back into the cell. But [Cody] figured he could work around that safety warning chemically, by replacing the guts of an alkaline dry cell.

The batteries in question were certainly old, gnarly looking, and pretty dead – [Cody] barely got a reading on his multimeter. As you can see after the break, he cleaned off the exterior corrosion and did a quick teardown of the dry cells, removing the remains of the zinc anode, now in the form of zinc oxide paste looking very much like what you’d slather on your nose before a day at the beach. He filled the resulting cavity with a putty of zinc dust, freshened up the electrolyte charge with a squirt of 20% potassium hydroxide, sealed up…

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Controlling Quadcopters With Wireless Mouse Dongles

Originally posted on Hackaday:

Last week we gave away a few Crazyflie 2.0 quadcopters to some cool Hackaday Prize entries. This quadcopter ships with the intention of being controlled by your smartphone. But it can also be controlled by a PC with USB dongle and an nRF24LU1+ SOC. [ajlitt] didn’t figure out he wanted the USB dongle (the Crazyradio) that can control this quad until after he used his gift code to claim his Crazyflie quad. No matter; the dongles for Logitech wireless keyboards and mice use the same radio as the Crazyflie and can be modded to make this quad fly.

The board inside the Logitech unifying receiver is a simple affair, with some pads for the USB connector, a crystal, the nRF24LU1+ radio module, and a few passives. To get this radio chip working with his computer, [ajlitt] simply needed to break out the SPI pins and wire everything to a Bus Pirate.

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YouTuber PewDiePie Responds To Haters After They Discover He Made $7 Million Last Year

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie is the king of the YouTubers. He’s a YouTube star with 9 billion views and Expressen, a Swedish newspaper, estimated that he made $7 million last year on advertising, a feat that is no longer an outlier in the burgeoning world of online stardom.

In the video Kjellberg described his 5 year career as a YouTube star whose entire oeuvre is dedicated to playing video games while others watch. His videos get over 5 million views per episode.

It is unsurprising that Kjellberg is doing so well. By getting in early and grabbing the valuable pre-teen-teen online market he and his team can easily grab millions of bored iPad browsers every day. It will be fascinating to see where folks like PewDiePie end up – whether the “mainstream” media will attempt to pre-empt or consume them when broadcast and movie moguls realize hot dog salesmen…

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Google is now a more trusted source of news than the websites it aggregates


Google. My go to for everything. Frightening.

Originally posted on Quartz:

Here is some sobering news for anyone in the journalism industry:

colorcorrected (40)

Online search engines have overtaken traditional media as the most trusted source for general news and information, according to a global survey of 27,000 people by Edelman, a public relations firm. The data will be presented to delegates at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week.

The trust gap between traditional media and search engines is even more pronounced among millennials.

The biggest search engine is, of course, Google. And the striking thing is that Google does not actually report on anything, but instead serves up links to stories on a mix of other sites that users, apparently, trust less than the aggregator itself. The search engine also serves, for better or worse, as the simplest and quickest way to find most things online, including news. (Yahoo, its smaller rival, has been getting into direct content creation, including news.)

Getting an at-a-glance look at…

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IRS Free File Program Open To Qualifying Taxpayers Starting Today

Originally posted on Consumerist:

(JimmyBionic) (JimmyBionic) While the Internal Revenue Service won’t be accepting electronically filed tax returns until Jan. 20, the agency’s Free File program is open starting today for those taxpayers who make an adjusted gross income of $60,000 or less. The Free File site features free access to federal tax preparation and e-filing software from 14 different tax-prep companies, and offers helpful links to help guide taxpayers through the process. [ Free File]

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