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Why our startup has no bosses, no office, and a four-day work week

Originally posted on Quartz:

In 2008, my study partner Hernán Amiune and I had finished studying computer engineering at Catholic University of Córdoba Argentina.

During our last years at university, we had done some internships in companies such as HP, IBM, and Intel. It was the moment we realized there was a mistake in their work methods.

We couldn’t understand why people without technical knowledge had to tell programmers “what” to do and, furthermore, they had to supervise “how” programmers did it.

So, when we created Project eMT, a comparison search engine for Latin America, we decided to work in a different way: without project managers. Six years later, we operate in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia together with 34 engineers that are part of our team, and we still work without traditional management structures and work weeks, and have managed to grow our annual revenue by 204%.

Here’s how we do it.

No bosses

At big tech…

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dreaddymck_json_object_rotator – json javascript object rotator / basic HTML link/image/content rotator


…is the application name thus far.
I WANTED something to rotate affiliate links, images and misc content on a WordPress, Blogger or any Platform I end up with.
I WANTED to host files in a single shared location.
I DID NOT want to manage separate plugins or update separate files.
This is the beginning of something.
Scripts are hosted in a publicly shared dropbox folder then included into the relevant pages on the relevant platform.
A bit clumsy at the moment. No tracking implemented.
Manual edits and a bit of HTML know how required. but hope to improve and simplify as I go along.
Hope you find useful.
MIT license.
Fork if you like.

Frontaccounting connect bug fixes release 1.0.1

Added progressbar to admin import section.

Fixed image import and association with posts.

Latest version from svn: http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/frontaccounting-connect/

ZIP package download: frontaccounting_connect.zip


Frontaccounting Connect SVN

Frontaccounting Connect has been approved by WordPress.org for hosting. You will now be able to checkout the plugin from WordPress.org SVN repository:

SVN checkout: http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/frontaccounting-connect/

ZIP download: frontaccounting_connect.zip